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What Our Students and Parents Say!

Most Definitely!

I am father of a 10-year old who just completed the 2020 winter camp. I wanted to leave feedback that my son thoroughly enjoyed the camp. Before the start of the camp, my son was a bit nervous about the intensity of the camp (daily 5 hours + homework time). However, once the camp started, he didn’t feel any pressure of time! He found the camp to be very engaging. He felt that his instructor (Michael Zhang) not only had a deep understanding of the subject-matter, but was also very effective in teaching it to the kids. My son gained many new insights under him. On being asked if he would take another camp with Michael, my son, without any hesitation, responded, “most definitely!”

Nathan Bainer
St. Louis, MO

Sooooo Happy!

I would like to congratulate you and all the Cybermaths team for the course.
Leon has been super focused and motivated these days. It has been a big effort to him but we both are sooooo happy with it.
It won,t be his last maths camp with you for sure.

Rosa Jareno
Madrid, Spain

Extremely Grateful

No words can fully express my gratitude for the experience my son and daughter enjoyed with CyberMath Academy. They live in a small rural town with peers who often struggle academically, and they gained so much inspiration at your summer program. They spoke often of how much you helped them, so we are all extremely grateful for everything you did. We hope you have a terrific rest of the summer, and we hope to continue to be a part of the CyberMath Academy’s community.

Sarah Silbert, Vermont, USA

Loved It All!

I loved it all! Maas is an amazing teacher who taught us lots and made this camp an amazing experience. He made the class fun and enjoyable while we still learned. I also love all the different people I met. Strangers to best friends!

Abigail Johnson - Iowa, USA

Helpful Teachers!

I liked all of the advanced math that I learned, making friends to hangout with and connections. My teachers were very insightful, helpful and understanding.

Conor Schehl - Texas, USA

Exciting Camp!

I would like to thank you very much for everything! George’s first residential experience was amazing ! He is very happy and excited with the camp, his friends and of course with the maths ! Thank you very much. We will see you again next year ! Ps. If you ever visit Athens keep my contact, will be a pleasure for us !

Irini Vasiliadou - Athens, Greece


All of the people, the atmosphere or Harvard and the classes are really fun.

Gavin Burtch - Indiana, USA

Very Good Camp!

Alex had a very good camp at Boston. I appreciate all of the efforts that the teacher and all other staff put together to make this summer successful! Have a good summer! Nancy (Alex’s mom)

Nancy Xiang - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Enjoyed the camp!

I enjoyed this camp because I got to build and program my own robot. I also got to make friends from many other countries.

Grace Best, Vermont, USA

Best Camp Ever

Thank you so much for coordinating such a fun-filled and enriching experience for all the kids. Shan (Advanced HS Math) had the most wonderful two weeks at camp and has already labeled it as the “best camp ever”.

Since Shan is a bit advanced for his age it has been difficult for us to find camps at the appropriate mathematical level for him that are willing to accept him despite his age (or lack of it :)). We have very often met with resistance on the grounds of social awkwardness, or with concerns that he won’t be able to interact effectively with other kids who are much older than him and so on. Judging from Shan’s accounts, none of that seemed to have been an issue in this camp. He has truly enjoyed himself and it seems that the other campers also enjoyed his company.

Thank you so much! We truly appreciate all of your efforts towards this camp!

Sid Kango - Mountain View, CA

Great teachers!

The teachers made sure we understood the material.

Micah Wilson - Chicago, IL, USA

Amazing Experience!

I want to say Thank You for the amazing experience that you gave our daughter this past Summer Camp, She really enjoyed it . Paula arrived very well and she’s been telling us about all the experiences she had those days and her expectations to continue preparing in order to get a good result on her next SAT.

Cleo Rojas - Bogotá, Colombia

People From All Over the World

I liked meeting people from all over the world and forging unforgettable connections and bonds.

Divya Khatri - Houston, TX

Amazing Experience

Thanks again for providing such an amazing experience for Arthur and his friends.

Jiaan Hu - Winchester, MA

Loved Meeting People from Around the World!

I loved meeting people from around the world and learning what it was like living in different countries.

Drew Best, Vermont, USA

Passionate Teachers!

I liked how teachers were committed to teaching the subject that they taught and were very passionate.

Rohan Kelkar - Wellesley Hills, MA

Very Accomplished Teachers!

All of the teachers are very accomplished and they know so much about the subjects. They are great at teaching and have very likable personalities. The rooms are great too.

Aumit Kirtania - Westford, MA

Really Good Teacher!

I had a very fun time during class and outside. The classes were very good and the place was very pretty. The field and Harvard Square trips were good as we were able to have free time and know more about the place. The activities after class were fun and we could have different options. I could meet new people and create new friendships. Anca was a really good teacher, her classes were very fun and well planned. The homework she gave us was the perfect amount and if we needed any help during class or study time, she was there to help us, always with enthusiasm and patience if we didn’t understand something.

A student at 2019 Summer Camps!

Extremely Funny and Attentive Teachers!

I enjoyed learning about programming and touring the Cambridge area. Joel was extremely funny while also being attentive and helpful to the class. He knew what he was talking about and anytime he couldn’t answer a question, he found an answer very quickly.

Diego Attra - Atlanta, GA

Good Teaching Methods!

I liked the topics we learned and the way of teaching. Dr. Kanbir and Alex both had very good methods.

Rawya Omar - Cairo, Egypt

Awesome Camp!

I loved everything: learning how math formulas and solutions were awesome, the teachers were great and understanding. They would talk you through problems. Te environment was great for learning and building friendships. Ahaan was very smart but at the same time very understanding. He brought tons of energy and humor to the class. Justin was very intelligent and understanding. He was very patient with every person and he was able to break things down to a point where everybody could understand. Philip was able to explain many subjects I was confused on.

Jeremiah Harris - Dorchester, MA, USA

Great Teachers!

My teachers were both great. Always interested on our learning. They tried their best so everybody can learn in the class. Their classes were interactive and joyable. Also, they kept a difficult level high, so we can challenge each other.

Jose Collazos - Cali Valle, Colombia


我非常感谢你们的一切!George的首次住校体验令人惊赞!他对夏令营地,他的朋友,当然以及数学感到非常满意及兴奋!非常感谢你们。 明年再见!顺便说一下,如果您有机会到雅典,请保持联系,我们将高兴与您再次相见!

Irini Vasiliadou -希腊雅典

Enjoyed the camp very much!

May attended the CyberMath camp this summer in Boston. She enjoyed the camp and liked her teachers very much. Hence, she is very interested in the new online course with AMC 10-12 problems.

Eileen Dong - Sydney, Australia


谢谢你们所在的一切! Shamaa真的很开心。 这对他来说是个绝佳的机会。

Shannon Jackson -华盛顿特区


Alex在波士顿度过了一个美好的夏令营。感谢老师和所有其他工作人员为今年夏令营的成功所做出的一切努力! 祝你们有一个愉快的夏天! Nancy((Alex的妈妈)

Nancy Xiang - 加拿大新斯科舍省哈利法克斯



Cleo Rojas - 哥伦比亚波哥大

Outstanding Opportunity!

Thanks for everything! Shamaar really enjoyed himself. This was an outstanding opportunity for him.

Shannon Jackson - Washington, DC





我很喜欢我的老师。我喜欢从老师(Ayhan Duzgun)那里学到的大量知识。校园之旅也非常令人欣喜。老师非常好,真心希望帮助学生。 同学非常友好,可以融洽相处。

Campbell Krulewski -宾夕法尼亚州兰开斯特


我遇到了很棒的一群人,并且度过了非美好的2周。 很酷的同窗、非常友好的老师们!




Edgar Allen Orcino -马萨诸塞州马尔登


我喜欢夏令营中的所有人。老师和伴护都是优秀的帮手,也很有趣。除缺乏空调外,其它设施都非常好。 这是一个很好的营地。












Justin是一位超级棒的好老师,理解孩子。所有的员工和老师都非常出色。 Justin绝对是可以信任的人,Sami也是。












我喜欢学习数学和解决困难的数学问题。 我的老师非常乐于助人,充满爱心及娱乐感。哈佛大学非常舒适,工作区很棒。 如果你真的喜欢数学,这个夏玲营适合你。












我喜欢夏令营提供的教材。 我认为教学人员提供非常多的实用信息及帮助。我认为教室和其他设施非常舒适,并妥善维护。


Great Experience!

I want to thank you and your entire team for welcoming Sebastian with open arms. Time has flown by, and he has relayed how great this experience was for him. So thank you for all you have done.

Marco Jimenez - Clifton, VA

High Amount of Learning!

I liked my teachers a lot. I liked the amount of learning achieved from my teacher (Ayhan Duzgun). Campus tours were very nice too. The teacher was very nice, really wanted to help students. Chaperons were pretty nice, get along well.

Campbell Krulewski - Lancaster, PA

Love of Math!

I liked the fact that I was immersed in a program with people coming from a range of backgrounds, all sharing a love for math.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Tons of Practice!

We do tons of practice SAT math and english questions, which help me prepare a lot for the real test. I love them 🙂 Our Math teacher assigned a lot of homework, which helped a lot. I’m exposed to and understand different types of SAT English questions and giving as an idea of college supplement essays.

Patrick Allen Orcino - Malden, MA

Amazing People!

I met amazing people and had very good 2 weeks. Cool chaperons, nice teachers !

A Student at 2018 Camp

Excellent Helpers!

I enjoyed the people more than anything in this camp. Teachers and chaperones are excellent helpers and funny.The facilities were very well except for the lack of AC. This is a great camp.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Amazing Experience!

It was an amazing experience since you don’t just come here to study but also have fun and make great friends. I’m confident that I will do great in the SATs now.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Great Teacher!

Justin was a great teacher. Sammy was cool as well. It was a really fun class and I learned a lot. A lot was reviewed, it gets your math gears moving.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Best Teachers!

I liked the fact that everybody at the camp was really kind and social. It created a friendly atmosphere that I can’t find at my school so it was very enjoyable. The teachers / chaperons / staff were absolutely great. The chaperones were very friendly and made the experience at teh residential facility very easy and fun. The teachers were the best I have had for both Math & English for the SAT. Harvard University’s facilities were very comfortable and nice. It was a very wide area, which allowed us students to do a variety of activities when we were not in class. The only complaint I have is the lack of AC in the first days of the camp.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Crazy Good Teacher!

Justin is a crazy good teacher and understands kids. All of the staff and teachers were excellent. Justin is the man and so is Sami.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Amazing Teacher!

Justin was an amazing teacher/overall person. Sami was helpful and overall great guy too.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Excellent Teachers!

Excellent teachers, chaperones and staff.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Knowledge Explosion!

I liked the connections, teacher and have found friend and skills that I have gained. Justin is the most awesome teacher EVER!!! Sami and Ahsen are the best chaperones EVER!!! Andy and Sam are insanely awesome TOO!!!. The camp makes your precalculus knowledge explode into newfound ways to think about and solve some of the most advanced problems out there.

A Student at 2018 Camp

If you really like math, this camp is for you.

I liked learning math and solving difficult math problems. My teacher was very helpful, caring and entertaining. Harvard University was very comfortable and great work area. If you really like math, this camp is for you.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Well Prepared Curriculum!

I liked being in class and learning about math and Harvard consistently remained clean and nice. The curriculum was well prepared and the teacher was excellent. Our teacher, Justin, was a legend. every other chaperon and individual also remained pretty nice and were respectful. I appreciated it.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Learned a lot!

It was fun and the teachers taught very well. I learned a lot through the experiences of this camp. The teachers were helpful and informative as I paced myself through the camp.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Liked the Teaching Material a Lot!

I liked the material taught at the camp. I thought the teaching staff was very informed and helpful. I think the classroom and other facilities were very comfortable and well kept.

A Student at 2018 Camp

Like a Family!

The teachers were encouraging and fun, the chaperons were nice. The people are one of a kind, they are all so friendly and they felt like a family. The courses were challenging, yet tolerable and fun. I learned the most in 12 days I have ever in a whole school year.

A Student at 2018 Camp