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High Quality Tutors from Top Universities

Consuelo Hylton – Assistant movie producer in Hollywood, B.S. with honors from Harvard University in English. Since her freshman year, Consuelo has been tutored SAT one-on-one with high school students.
Igor Ganichev - Member of Google Brain Team, working on TensorFlow. PhD from UC Berkeley, B.S. in in Mathematics and Computer Science from MIT. 1 gold, 2 silver medals at IMO (2000-2002)
Philip LaPorte - Philip studies Math and Philosophy at Harvard Univ. He was awarded Harvard Veritas Award given to only one student every year. He completed 12 college courses while in high school. He scored 1600 out of 1600 on SAT. He has been teaching AP Statistics, AP Calculus BC and SAT Math since 2015.
Anca Dragulescu - Anca studies Physics at Harvard University. She has a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad in 2017, silver medal and special prize for best score of a female participant at the Asian Physics Olympiad in 2017, gold medal at the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2016.
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