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Our Teaching Style


CyberMath offers challenging after-school, winter and summer enrichment classes that promote mastery through inquiry-based learning and ensures higher levels of learning through application of knowledge in meaningful contexts. CyberMath offers an exceptional learning opportunity through a friendly competitive learning environment that promote in-Depth Learning, Critical Thinking, and development of Collaboration Skills. Topics taught at higher level CyberMath classes are not covered at most schools.

Through CyberMath’s courses, students become lifelong learners through studying non-routine problems while developing analytical and critical thinking skills which are crucial for success in higher education, their careers, and life in general.



Our classes are top notch in making you independent and competent problem solvers.

Gifted students thrive and blossom in an environment where they are challenged so that they can reach their maximum potential, which rarely happens at regular schools. Many advanced students waste time in their schools because or they already mastered what’s being taught or the classes move too slowly for them. Our classes are designed to challenge students through discovery and exploration.

We focus on “higher level learning” as classified in Bloom’s taxonomy. Our teaching centers around analysis, synthesis, evaluation and creation rather than mere knowledge level learning.


  • Specially Designed for Advanced Students

    Many students are not being challenged in their home schools. CyberMath offers gifted students advanced courses and a head start on their future college studies.

    Our classes and camps are designed for students who desperately need challenge, guidance and teaching that provoke their innate interests, match their abilities and inspire them towards high profile careers in STEM fields.

    Students in our classes and camps are assigned to a class level based on their abilities and levels of knowledge not by age or grade level. Your student’s enthusiasm and excitement will be propelled through our dynamic classes and exemplary teachers.



    Compared to the problems and problem solving techniques taught in our classes and camps, regular school and college courses feel a little dull to our students. Consequently, we have to choose the teachers and professors who possess this exceptional taste of math challenges, who love solving mathematical or other types of puzzles. We have a thorough selection process for our instructors, through which we find great teachers for your kids.

    Unlike our competitors, most of the administrators at CyberMath Academy are former public school teachers and administrators with teaching and administrative credentials, each with at least 10 years of experience dealing with K-12 students. These administrators train our instructors, covering all the topics from classroom management skills, hands-on teaching, Bloom’s Taxonomy, constructivist teaching, to blended learning.