Our Faculty

Our FacultyEvan Chen

Our Math Olympiad Curriculum is designed by Evan Chen. Evan is one of the leaders of the US IMO team, the main exam coordinator for the USA Olympiad Team Selection Tests, the assistant academic director of the Math Olympiad Summer Program (MOP), and the co-editor-in-chief for the USA Math Olympiad (USAMO). He oversees our curriculum and makes sure that we have an excellent Math Olympiad Program that helps our students make it to the top positions in their countries and at the international Math competitions. Furthermore, he is very active in forums and blogs that help students who prepare for USAMO and IMO. Evan is also currently a PhD students in Math at MIT. He was the national winner of the USAMO in 2014 and earned a gold medal at the 2014 International Mathematical Olympiad while he was in high school. Evan is the author of a geometry book for students who prepare for Math Olympiads: Euclidean Geometry in Mathematical Olympiads.

You can learn more about him on his own website.
Our FacultyUzeyir Ogurlu

Dr. Ogurlu is our Program Advisor and a visiting scholar at Harvard Graduate School of Education. He holds a PhD in Gifted and Talented Education. He worked in schools for ten years as a psychological counselor. He has developed some programs and projects for gifted students including leadership development, global citizenship, and peace education and training programs for parents of the gifted. He has written various articles and chapters about gifted education. He has been involved in Texas Governor’s School which is a summer program for gifted students as an instructor. He is certified to conduct creativity tests. His interests are creativity development and the social and emotional life of gifted students. He is an untiring advocate of volunteer activities and addicted to all kinds of desserts.
Our FacultyConsuelo Hylton

Consuelo Hylton is an assistant producer in Hollywood. She graduated with honors from Harvard University with a degree in English. While at Harvard, Consuelo wrote plays and performed percussion with the Harvard Pops Orchestra. For her thesis, Consuelo wrote a full length dramatic play titled Toward Home. After her freshman year, Consuelo tutored the SAT one-on-one with high school students.
Our FacultyIgor Ganichev

Dr. Ganichev is our Computer Science Program Advisor. He is currently a software engineer at Google. Dr. Ganichev holds a PhD from University of California, Berkeley and two Bachelor Degrees from MIT, one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science. Dr. Ganichev participated in the International Math Olympiads (IMO) during his high school years three times, and won a gold medal (2001) and two silver medals (2000, 2002).
Our FacultyCafer Ozdemir

Dr. Ozdemir is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Boston University and a Biochemistry Instructor at the Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES) program of MIT. He was a research fellow at Harvard Medical School between 2011 and 2015.

Our FacultyPudak Nurberdiyev

Mr. Nurberdiyev is an Informatics teacher at International Computer High School of Bucharest in Romania, preparing students for the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI). He holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at University of Bucharest and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Information Technology from the Faculty of Automatics Control and Computer Science at University of Bucharest. Mr. Nurberdiyev participated in the 21st International Olympiad In Informatics (IOI ) in Plovdiv/Bulgaria in 2009 and won a Gold medal at the INFOMATRIX (International Project competition) in Bucharest/Romania 2009.
Our FacultyAyhan Duzgun

Dr.Duzgun is our Physics Curriculum Designer and Instructor. He is a researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has a PhD in Physics from Kent State University and an MS degree in Physics from University of Pittsburgh. He participated in the International Physics Olympiads and received Honorable Mentions in 1997 and 1998 , and a Silver medal in 1999.

Our FacultyOsman Aka

Osman is one of our USACO Instructors. He’s been training students for IOI for 6 years and raised many champions. He won two bronze medals at the IOI, one at the 2009 IOI in Plovdiv, Bulgaria and one at the 2010 IOI  in Waterloo, Canada. He won another Bronze Medal at TUBITAK National Olympiads in Informatics in Turkey in 2009 and a Gold Medal at TUBITAK National Olympiads in Informatics in Turkey in 2008. He was the winner of the ROBOCODE Artificial Intelligence Competition at Bogazici University Computer Engineering Society in 2010.

Our FacultyJustin Stevens

Justin is an enthusiastic Math Instructor and our Coordinator for our Accelerated Math program, designing our Algebra I with MathCounts and AMC 10/12 with Algebra II courses. He is very much loved by his students and always gets very favourable ratings. He’s been teaching these courses for the last 3 years. He is the author of the paper for Olympiad Students, Olympiad Number Theory Through Challenging Problems. He qualified for AIME 5 times during his middle and high school education and he was a MathCounts National Qualifier in 2012. He was also among the top 5 students at the Stanford Math Tournament in Algebra in 2014 and in top 10 in general in 2013. He was a recipient of the Nevada Prize Exam in Mathematics, and the District Winner in 2014, and the State Winner  in 2015.