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C++ Programming and USACO Bronze

In this course, while learning coding in C++, students will be trained to master the fundamental skills to correctly understand the questions on USACO Bronze competitions and design and implement algorithms to solve them. These skills will be practiced extensively to help students meet the time limits set for each problem.

USACO is the most prestigious pre-college Computer Science competition in the states. For more information, please see our AP Computers and USACO page.

While your program must solve the problem presented on a USACO competition, it must also do it within a given period of time. So clever algorithm and data structure will necessary to solve all test cases correctly. Your program must be submitted within the specified time period and should not produce any compilation or run-time errors. Each program is run against a number of judging test cases.

Students must be good in math and they need a laptop.

Topics Covered

Introduction to C++
Variables and Operators