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Andy Gokce – Resume


PROGRAM COORDINATOR – CyberMath Academy (2017- Present)

+  Plans and coordinates courses/camps
+  Oversees new branch openings

DIRECTOR OF ONLINE COURSES – Star League, Inc. (2016- 2017)

+  Plans and coordinates online courses
+  Oversees new branch openings nationwide


CHIEF OF STAFF – Magnolia Public Schools (2014-2016)

+  Oversaw organizational effectiveness/integrity

+  Supervised Home Office departments including Academics, Business, HR, IT and Marketing. Additional projects included

o Student recruitment efforts including TV and radio ads, direct mailing, flyer distribution at retailers, churches and libraries, door hangers and community meetings
o Grant and tax-exempt bond applications
o New website designs, social media, SEO Optimization

o Media relations, press conferences and press releases

+ Oversaw legal matters, charter applications and renewals and board meetings.

o Tracked legislation and ensured compliance with new and updated laws and regulations

o Supervised implementation of organization-wide textbook adoption and blended learning projects.


FOUNDER AND CEO – Star League, Inc. (2012-2014)

+ Started the after-school programs and camps company from ground-zero. The company flourished to have three branches in California, serving approximately 500 students with a gross revenue of over $1m in one year, employing 9 full-time and 15 part-time teachers.


DEPARTMENT HEAD – Accord Institute for Education Research (2011-2012)

+  Coordinated outreach efforts on behalf of Magnolia Public Schools reaching out to media representatives

+  Coordinated and directed A-STEM (Advanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs including year-round activities at 30 member schools in 5 states and winter and summer camps for over 100 students.


DIRECTOR OF STUDY ABROAD PROGRAMS – Breyer State University, Istanbul (2009-2011)

+  Determined course schedules, and coordinated teaching assignments
+  Directed the admissions and registration departments
+  Established operational policies and procedures and made necessary modifications, based on analysis of operations, demographics, and other research information
+  Promoted the university by participating in community and state events and meetings, and by developing partnerships with industry and secondary education institutions


CHIEF DEVELOPMENT OFFICER – Accord Institute of Education Research (2007-2009)

+ Led development of the education model with special emphasis on Data Driven Instruction based on periodical standards-based formative assessments, tailored interventions, technology integrated education and after school support for students

+ Mentored and supported member school personnel

+ Led charter application process for Statewide Benefit Charter School (10 sites across California) and countywide charter schools

+ Built community support and industry connections and networked with county and state educational leaders for new statewide and countywide charter school applications


CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER – Magnolia Foundation (2004-2007)

+  Led development of the strategic and business planning
+  Initiated and led the expansion efforts for nine new schools across the state

+  Represented Magnolia Foundation and schools at the local and state levels and promoted the existing schools and the new expansion plans

+  Coordinated grant applications for the state and Walton Family Foundation grants for new schools

+  Built community support and industry connections and organized parent support meetings for new schools


VICE PRINCIPAL – Magnolia Science Academy (2003-2004)

+  Determined the scope of educational program offerings, and prepared course schedules and descriptions

+  Collaborated with teachers to develop and maintain curriculum standards, and set performance goals and objectives

+  Coordinated and directed after-school activities


TEACHER – Magnolia Science Academy (2002-2003)

+ Taught Science, Physics, Algebra and Computer Science courses

TEACHING ASSISTANT – State University of New York, Buffalo (2001-2002)

+ Taught Problem Solving sessions in Freshmen Physics courses


TEACHER – Turkmen-Turkish High Schools, Turkmenistan (1999-2001)

+ Taught Physics and Physical Science courses


COURSEWORK IN PHD – State University Of New York – Buffalo + 17 credits in Physics PhD Program

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE – Bogazici University + B.S. in Teaching Physics