Looking for advanced classes?

Looking for advanced classes, but don’t know if it’s a good fit for you? Don’t know where to start? How to study? Scared of too much challenge? We’ll help you every step of the way.

In our classes, students go both deeper and further in their studies. They learn a topic well with challenging problems appropriate for their level while they advance in a far faster pace than their peers at school and start learning even college level math and computer science in high school, sometimes even in middle and elementary grades.



Our teaching revolves around problem solving. We aim to develop problem solving skills in our students through (well..) problem solving.

We do not lecture for long periods of time, our classes are designed to unearth the problem-solving skills already vested in the students.

Sometimes you will see an entire class actively participating and discussing how to attack and solve a problem for well over an hour. We don’t do “drill and kill”. We don’t waste time doing the same thing twice. Every problem we solve is unique and require a different approach.  We focus on developing your skills rather than stating facts and asking you to memorize and repeat them when asked.


CyberMath class material is composed of unique proprietary blends of problems hand picked from prestigious competitions from around the globe. Students have to work their brains hard to produce a solution for each and every one of these problems.

Our instructors teach proven techniques to attack, dissect and solve each problem and explain these brilliant methods step by step ensuring every student successfully grasps the ideas and the implementation methods.

Through additional online problem solving sessions, our instructors go over homework problems and answer any and all questions students might have about the covered topics, problem sets and solutions. Most of these online sessions are scheduled on a weekday in the following week the class was held, so students can join from anywhere.



Does It Really Help With My College Admissions?

Proof? Look at the application forms to MIT and Caltech. They are asking for your scores in two competitions: AMC 10/12 and AIME.