Outstanding Instructors and Tutors

Igor Ganichev
Member of Google Brain Team, working on TensorFlow. PhD from UC Berkeley, B.S. in in Mathematics and Computer Science from MIT. 1 gold, 2 silver medals at IMO (2000-2002)
Bryce Hunter McLaughlin
B.S. in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College. Studying towards PhD in Business at Stanford Univ.
Nicholas Pascucci
Studied spacecraft AI verification at MIT. Deployed AI systems for NASA.
Anna Blanchfield
Studies Chemical and Physical Biology at Harvard University. She is an IB Diploma recipient and received a score of 7 on both the Math SL exam and the Physics SL exam.
Ibrahim Suat Evren
Studies Math at MIT. Gold medal at 2019 IMO, bronze medal at 2019 Balkan Math Olympiad (BMO), gold medal at 2016 Junior BMO. 800 on SAT Math Level-2, 800 on SAT Physics.
Philip LaPorte has a B.S. in Math and Philosophy from Harvard Univ. He was awarded Harvard Veritas Award given to only one student every year. He completed 12 college courses and scored 1600 out of 1600 on SAT in high school.

Summer Math Camps in Boston and Silicon Valley

CyberMath Academy’s CyberMath offers summer camps in Boston and the Silicon Valley.

Our 2023 summer camp will be held at Harvard Faculty Club, 20 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Students spend two wonderful weeks filled with high level learning through intriguing academic challenges. The academically inspiring atmosphere of the universities motivates our students towards higher goals. They share the joy of learning with their peers from many different countries and US states. So far we had students from California, New York, Massachusetts, Arizona, Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Washington, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maine, South Dakota, Wisconsin and from Canada, China, the United Kingdom, Russia, Kenya, India, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Honduras, Colombia, Egypt, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Australia, France, Mexico, Ecuador, Greece and Switzerland.

Summer Camps in Pictures

Guest Lectures at Our Summer Math Camps

Dr. John W. Cain, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Harvard University
“Current Research in Mathematics and Advice for Students”

Dr. Michele Catasta – Stanford Univ., Dept. of Computer Science
“Hybrid Human-Machine Information Systems”

Dr. Nuh Gedik – M.I.T., Department of Physics
“Seeing the ultrasmall, capturing the ultrafast!”

Dr. Umut Eser – Cellarity, Head of Machine Learning Department, Former Researcher at Harvard Medical School
“Artificial Intelligence – Past, Present and Future"

Johanna O’day – Researcher at Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Biosciences Institute
“Mechanical Engineering and Neuroscience”
Darrel Deo – Researcher at Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Biosciences Institute

What Our Students and Parents Say