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Challenging Problems in Middle School Math
10 Practice Tests
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Highlights From Our 2019 Summer Camps


"CyberMath Academy’s 2019 Summer Camps at Harvard and Stanford Universities ended with an exciting award ceremony on July 27th. Students had two wonderful weeks filled with high level learning through intriguing academic challenges.The academically inspiring atmosphere of Harvard and Stanford Universities motivated our students towards higher goals. They shared the joy of learning with their peers from 21 U.S. states including California, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Washington, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maine, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa and 23 different countries including Canada, China, Kenya, India, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Honduras, Colombia, Egypt, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Australia, France, Mexico, Ecuador, Greece and Switzerland."
2019 Summer Camps in Pictures